Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Train 5: Glenwood Springs

The afternoon passes, and we continue our twists and turns through the canyons of Colorado. Highway 70 joins us for a section of the line through Glenwood Canyon, and suddenly it's not just our line that is snaking in and out of the rocky scenery. The highway is a massive construction of concrete that ripples through the canyon, sometimes above us and sometimes below us; sometimes behind us and sometimes across the river. Along it's base a small cycle path has been constructed, and we see bikers from time to time pedalling beneath the massive piers or alongside the highway.

Just after three o'clock, we reach Glenwood Springs. Obligatory station stop mode kicks in: mostly everyone gets off to drink in fresh and unconditioned air, the smokers are ready with their cigarettes before we've even stopped moving, and James attempts to take photographs of the train in the scenery. It's a warm day, and we bask in the sunshine for as long as possible before hopping back on board. It's hard to believe we're still in Colorado...


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