Friday, May 14, 2010

Update: May 2010

It's hard to believe it's now four years since I set off on my 18,972km adventure around the United States of America and Canada by train. A lot has changed since then: I've returned to the UK, moved house a couple of times, got a masters degree, developed a beard, started growing vegetables in an allotment garden, and begun a PhD. I now divide my time between Glasgow in Scotland and Belfast in Northern Ireland. That's me in the photo above, a few years older, but still enjoying a train journey (on the most scenic railway in the world less than 50km from my new home).

This adventure, and more importantly this blog, continue to receive a modest volume of interest. You can find me answering questions about peoples' travel plans in various travel forums, and whenever people ask about train travel in the States or Canada I will always point them to this blog.

Endless difficulties with the software behind this and my other blogs eventually led me to quit Blogger altogether and move to Wordpress. This blog remains because of the disruption a new address would cause. However, having picked up on a few comments from readers, I've come back to take a peak under the apparently improved bonnet of the Blogger engine. Although, as a blog, this travelogue reads backwards, I've been able to improve the archiving function so that you'll now find a day-by-day archive in the right hand column. This means you can now read the travelogue almost as intended: the journey started on 21 April 2006, so begin by clicking on 21 April in the sidebar. You will then be presented with all the posts from 21 April, although they continue to be in anti-chronological order because of the blog's structure. You'll have to manually scroll down to the bottom of the page and read the posts upwards, however as the days are now individually archived, this should be less of a pain...

Enjoy the trip!

Glasgow, Great Britain
14 May 2010