Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Money... tickets... passport...

A big warm welcome to all my new visitors from much to my surprise this blog was listed on the "What's New" segment of their homepage yesterday afternoon, and for the first time ever my page recorded more than one hundred hits in one day. A personal apology to all of you who read the headline and clicked through expecting to find one of the great soul singers riding Amtrak... with a back catalogue like his, I doubt my namesake will be traveling by train anytime soon :)

In the pre-holiday words of Eddy Monsoon, as she runs back into house after leaving to go to the aiport: "MONEY... TICKETS... PASSPORT!". Today is my last day working in my little grey cubicle, and tomorrow will be the day designated for my headless chicken impression, as I do a high speed tour of Montréal a) doing laundry b) getting haircut c) filing my Québec tax return d) finding an eye mask for sleeping on trains e) finding a travel blanket for sleeping on trains f) finding the best place to buy US dollars g) downloading the latest BBC podcasts for my iPod h) hunting down all the necessary cables, chargers and memory cards for my camera.... etc etc etc.

And, oh yes... packing. Forgot that one...


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