Sunday, April 23, 2006

Chicago to Denver


Andrew said...

Really enjoying your travelog, you write well. At some point, tell a little about your experiences with wireless access and getting power for your powerbook aboard the train... thanks!

Keep up the fine work!


adron_bh said...

Name is Adron... I also write travel logs whenever I'm out and about.

I'm liking yours so far.

One question, how are you making the maps you display? I'm curious about the possibility of making my own.

James said...

Hi everyone...

Thanks for taking the time to write comments. Andrew: due to issues with travelling light and getting in insured, I'm not actually taking my laptop with me, but using fixed connections in each major city. As far as I know, outside Amtrak's metropolitan lounge and the north-east corridor, there is no wifi on Amtrak trains. In Canada, it's available only in VIA 1 class in the Corridor.

Adron... the maps you see here are from the nifty new interactive route map on - I wish I could continue with them as I head into Canada, but unfortunately not! Have a look for yourself and you can search routes between any two Amtrak destination cities.